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We are a new family business that is growing from the love and support of friends and family. In the year 2015, I (Tina) started working for Jen and Bryce Riemer at Riemer Family Farm. I did a little bit of everything from chores and caring for the animals to selling meat at the farmers market.

I really enjoyed working on the farm and always had my family helping me with my work. This inspired a dream of starting my own farm business.

I am a mother of 5 kids. Family is very important for all of me. While I am not able to own my own farm yet, I am blessed to be able to rent amazingly abundant land from my friends, the Riemer's.  The family values and the ties of providing high quality food to my community gives me great pleasure and motivation

From the mentoring and experience I gained from the Riemer's, It gave me the confidence and guidance I needed to start. Just to make sure I had all my ducks in a row before I began, I attended a night class at a the local tech school to formulate a business plan.

At the end of the year in 2018, I finalized my LLC!

 A big thanks to the Riemer's for encouraging me to follow my dreams, mentoring me and allowing me to rent land and equipment. Also, with a big thank you to an amazing friend who believed in my dream and lent me money to start the business. I am up and running and loving every minute of it!


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